American hegemony faces strong test with Axis powers: Iran & North Korea


Donald Trump’s rhetorical comments on social media are mostly  verbal  jabs harmlessly landing on his opponents regarding foreign affairs. This calm is about to change. Trump and his advisors know that if he is to build a legacy as President, he must back it up with action due to his poor performance on domestic matters. This spectre amounts to air strikes on North Korea or Iran, particularly if they threaten U.S. Naval ambitions in international waters. If there is a wild card– Russian proxy interests in Syria tend to put it in harm’s way, so,  it might be accidental against Russia in the Syrian conflict and/ or Russia vying for support from China against American hegemony. The multi-polarity of Near East and global politics is difficult to predict. If we look at Canada, who is currently embroiled with the U.S. over trade tariffs levied against Bombardier, Canada may be reticent to support America in a conflict, especially with a Canadian Liberal government that pulled fighter jets out of Iraq after the Liberal Party was elected in 2015. Canada’s main role is support and this will align Ottawa more traditionally and closely to her European allies.

Trump’s recent comments about “the  calm before the storm” suggest that his war room is in preparation mode for an attack on North Korea; if Iran miscalculates, they will get a slap on the wrist depending on the levity of their actions. I felt that North Korea would have been on the receiving end of American cruise missiles by the middle of September. South Korea & Japan will play a deciding factor, particularly if former UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon wades into the fray to provide shelter, rhetorical or other-wise, to his homeland. Yes, moon failed in comparison to Kofi Anan, but, no doubt, built up impressive connections during his terms ( 2007-2016). Forbes magazine named Ban the 32nd most powerful person in the world in 2013. Anan had resided over impressive peace-keeping efforts when nearly 70,000 military and civilian personnel were deployed in UN operations around the world as quoted by David Bosco of Foreign Policy magazine on February 16, 2011. Therefore, Anan may provide influence as an advocate of nuclear non – proliferation, in general.

So, it really is up to Kim Jong – un to play his hand with velvet gloves against Trump, who is ready to make his mark internationally after losing his grip on domestic issues like health care along with the prospect of losing control of Congress on November 6, 2018. In the mean-time, clear a corner in your base-ment if residing on the West coast as Trump tries to catch lightning in a bottle with Kim Jong – un playing havoc with Hwasong ICBM’s.


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Hello, I have continued studying part-time at the University of Waterloo, with an interest in the political situation in Tibet, and North America. Recently, I have published a companion or white paper to an earlier work. If you have an interest in the situation on the Ttibetan Plateau, please have a look.
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  1. First I am low on gas and thanks for the update on barrels of oil left.

    Next – Trump will not launch missiles into North Korea, I believe he respects the brain washed people who follow their leader no matter how rich he is and how poor they are. However, back about 18 years ago I believe that almost one million died due to a lack of food and shelter leading to widespread disease.

    This is an impossible situation for Trump or any other President.

    Kevin Kirby, Toronto

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