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Hello, I have continued studying part-time with an interest in the political situation in Tibet, and North America. I have a varied educational background as my cv illustrates. I hope that some on the blogosphere will have a look and leave a comment.

Groupthink: The tyranny of governing

Groupthink: The tyranny of governing The developed world has an elaborate, yet contrived way of going about its business regarding governmental affairs in general, and foreign policy, in particular. As I was emailing with a professor in Asia this week, the reality of “Groupthink” a management term that denotes the notion of a team who […]

Envocracy in Tibet

Environment and Democratization Michael Buckley, the Canadian Tibetologist has witnessed the mass deforestation of Tibet where “half the forests of eastern and southern Tibet” have been eviscerated by its Chinese denizens. Buckley continues: “…over 50% of Tibet’s forests have disappeared since  China invaded Tibet” …while “over 50 billion worth of oak, pine, larch, and rhododendron […]

Fear not the Trump Train…but more guns???

Donald Trump is being vilified in the media and by his fellow Republicans as toxic waste for their hopes to wrest The White House from eight years of Democrat control. Many navel gazers of the Washington political scene have railed against the depth or height of partisan politics on Capitol Hill for generations. One only […]

Rhetorical ideas

In the realm of ‘Classical Conditioning’ introduced by Ivan Pavlov, some observers of Homo sapiens from the Paleolithic era and other species from the animal kingdom, can agree on the manifestation of language, both verbally and physically, that their existence in large part stems from the ability to communicate their needs through cues, or what […]

Of Hobbes, Tibet and Palestine

‘… a defeated population, for fear of death, will authorize all the actions of the sovereign “that hath their lives and liberty in his power.”1 The defeated groups surrender should be unconditional and it should be signified as a relationship between the master and the servant. This “dominion” is then acquired to the victor when […]