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BRICS: Neocolonialism or economic pragmatism

 Since GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade) morphed into the WTO (World Trade  Organization) in 1995, there has been a plethora of trade organizations emerging that are representing various regions, globally. GATT was  founded in 1948 and was a compact between post WW2 industrial nations to promote trade that was sanctioned by the U.N. […]

World Cup of Gaza? Israel & Palestine renew hostilities

  On July 8, Germany routed the Brazilian soccer team 7-1. It was unexpected and unprecedented in World Cup history. Politically, we have seen tension building again between Israel, and mostly, insurgents in the West Bank and Gaza,  fuelled by the disappearance and recovery of three young Israeli males: Naftali Fraenkel 16, Gilad Shaer 16, […]

Modern Totalitarianism

In “Comparative Government,” Samuel Finer describes Stalinist Russia as a system that evoked the determination of a single person. The hallmarks being that the state police and bureaucracy (that were subordinate to the Communist Party,)  wielded as much power as the leader (Stalin, in this case) would prescribe to it. A “de jure” grasp on […]

Proportional Representation: A clarion call for Ontario

  Ontario voters faced with questionable choices at the ballot box, surprised many political pundits by granting incumbent, Kathleen Wynne and The Liberal Party, a reprieve.   The campaign was a rancorous affair resembling more of a U.S. model that has found it’s way north in recent memory. Amidst all the squabbling over copious amounts […]