Fear not the Trump Train…but more guns???

Donald Trump is being vilified in the media and by his fellow Republicans as toxic waste for their hopes to wrest The White House from eight years of Democrat control. Many navel gazers of the Washington political scene have railed against the depth or height of partisan politics on Capitol Hill for generations. One only need to observe The State of the Union Address to see the sanctimony being levied across the floor before a decided line that separates both political parties from heaving insults and other artifacts upon their adversaries. The 2016 SOTU saw Republican House Leader-Paul Ryan, with parched mouth, unable to sit still while President Obama delivered his final speech. Observing Obama’s final address, I realised the Americans got it right with a maximum of two terms per President. Barrack Obama appeared tired from the rancorous debates, and general malaise that goes with being the worlds top- cop. It is fair to note that he inherited an America,easter-storm-2
unlike his predecessor, George W. Bush. The 2008 America was headed for a financial tsunami, and had lost respect among allies for some dubious foreign policy measures; primarily the second Gulf War incursion.

As the Primary season forges ahead, an anomalous political street-fight has created a wedge between those Republican’s that support Donald Trump for the top of the GOP ticket, and everyone else, including Democrats and “soft” Republicans. Trump has come a long way since The Apprentice and has galvanized support as he goes about winning state after state. However, his “take no prisoners” diatribe against his opponents has left the GOP feeling susceptible to the sure-footed eloquence of Hilary Clinton and her ensemble of campaigners, including husband and former President Bill Clinton. For Trump, this is akin to going to a gunfight with a knife. Couple that with Tea-Party’ers and hard Republicans, and success would seem fleeting at the Republican National Convention from July 18-21 never mind upsetting the presumed odds on favourite to win in November, Hillary Rodham Clinton. So, how can Donald Trump assuage the fears of veteran Republican stalwarts like James Baker, a former Secretary of State in the George H W Bush administration, who warned the living world or those with bandwidth aplenty, that a Trump victory would make planet Earth, less safe. The Donald is beginning to see his shadow as he courts members of the GOP faithful, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan to bring support and credibility to his campaign, while measuring his tone to appeal to Independents, the immigrant-vote, and those voters who may be tempted to jump-ship to the Democrats, in November. Trump might consider former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his failed attempt to throw niqab bearing Islamic women under the  bus in the last Canadian election that saw Harper exiled to Dante’s Inferno in Alberta, all references aside.


What might Trump maintain in his toolkit of policies to temper fears of his victory in November?

First, he needs to bring in a moderate to run as Vice-President on his ticket. Former opponent and Ohio Governor John Kasich offers experience with managing deficits and has knowledge of foreign affairs. He is the perfect foil to fears elicited by Democrats, the protest movement, and even The Pope. That Kasich brought forward “The Balanced Budget Act” of 1997 which balanced the federal books for the first time in decades (a strong economy and shrinking military budget did not hurt), plays to his strengths as an administrator and fiscal conservative that Republicans know and trust.  There is a rumour that Newt Gingrich and Trump have had discussions about a political liaison, though, it remains to be seen if the two men and their ego’s could get out of each others way long enough and develop the necessary chemistry to convince voters of their ingenuity and salience to manage the worlds top economy and military. Worries of Trumps’ demagogical approach to immigration and trade can be diminished with a Kasich-Trump ticket, particularly with former leaders like former Mexican President Vicente Fox screaming bloody murder over a fence dividing the border of the two countries. Most American voters would agree with Trump’s countenance to obliterate terrorism, though,at the expense of immigration, will not appease those voters that may be directly or indirectly affected  by restrictions to Islamic migration to America. What better way to stir up a firestorm than annihilating the approximately 6.67 million Muslims living in America.1 With or without the benediction of the Bush family, the Republican Party has found it’s legs under Donald Trump and has a solid chance to form the next government in late November. Should the GOP stumble and face another term in the political wilderness, Marco Rubio is the sexy pick for 2020, and a viable choice for a top job such as Secretary of State, should America turn right this November. In that scenario, Canada can expect an even higher debt load to improve our military and face the wrath of potential tariffs on exports. A Trump America will be bolder like the person, which is not terribly disarming after 8 years of a sedate Democrat administration.

In light of the horrendous events in Orlando, Trump re-iterated his policy of a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. And why not in the heat of an election battle. However, stating that more Americans with more guns would prevent incidents like Orlando and others from happening is asinine.2  A measured approach to immigration and tough legislation 0n firearms sales, sellers, and eligibility to own deadly objects like guns, makes sense. Recent findings by CNN report that the U.S. has 5% of the worlds population and 31% of the worlds mass shootings. 3 For this, I am happy to live in Canada where we have enough gun violence with stringent firearms legislation.





1 “America Muslim Population in 2014.” 14 May 2016. <http://www.muslimpopulation.com/America/>.


2.“If you had some guns in that club the night that this took place, if you had guns on the other side, you wouldn’t have had the tragedy that you had. If people in that room had guns with the bullets flying in the opposite direction right at him… right at his head, you wouldn’t have had the same tragedy that you ended up having.” Trump quoted on CNN.

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