Donald Trump’s Surrogate Presidency

God Bless America is a formidable anthem for Western Democracy! Problem is, someone forgot to tell Members of Congress & the Senate about what justifies good governance for the electorate. Currently, both sides are in an imbroglio over the signature piece of legislation from former President Barrack Obama, that if defeated, stands to leave up to 20 million Americans without health-care. Senator John McCain seemingly resurrected from brain surgery that would make Lazarus proud, entered into the Senate chamber to cast a vote that would  defeat the Republican motion to repeal Obamacare on Thursday, the evening of July 28. McCain crossed the floor of The Senate to cast a strong voice for maintaining coverage for those that would be affected under ‘Trump-Care.” Suffice it to say, there is humility to be gained when a surgeon has their way with you in the past seven days, and with McCain’s help, the motion was defeated.

Now, lost in this malaise is the notion that, at some point, ‘The Donald” is going to get fed up with the legal wrangling of the Presidency (there are a limit to veto’s) and leave this job if he is meant to look like Judas or Jihad. President Trump is not a seasoned politician. Canada had a similar issue with the unexpected election victory of Justin Trudeau, which validated that heredity is indeed important in the corporate boardroom and in political circles. The similarities end between Mr Trump, who has amassed  wealth of approximately 3.5 billion USD  through his ‘Art of the Deal’ exploits and Mr. Trudeau who was born into public office where his father was elected as Prime Minster of Canada when “Flower-Power” and Woodstock were reaching their zenith in North America. Mr Trump who is conditioned to managing his business affairs with a certain amount of moxie, must now be beholden to members of his own Party and Democrats if he hopes to pass any legislation. Trump will surely come to understand the political concepts of ‘log-rolling” and “pork-barrel politics” if he hopes to aspire to accomplish anything note-worthy during his term as President. I mention single term because I do not feel that he can withstand the demands that are necessary to survive as Head of State for American sovereignty in a multi-polar world. Gl0bal conflicts and the financial hang-over from 2008  has spread U.S. interests internationally, both in military matters and economic policy thin, without having lay pen to paper on NAFTA, Mexico’s wall, or a reprise of the ‘Axis – of- Evil” that his predecessor – George W Bush proclaimed for his two term opus in the 2000’s. There is a possibility of impeachment for Trump due to his dealings with Russia along with his personal legal issues relating to taxation and his questionable business ventures such as Trump University. If the log-pile becomes too high, another fare-well aboard Air – Force One may be in the offing, though, I imagine these aren’t the photo ops The Donald had in mind when the U.S. Presidency was a glint in his eye. In the case of Trump going over-board, a very capable replacement in Vice-President Mike Pence exists to steady  a shaky Oval Office that can’t find it’s bearings. As the Triptych of this Air Force One photo illustrates, 1972 is a clarion call to  past & recent  Republican misadventures. Only the names have changed.

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Hello, I have continued studying part-time at the University of Waterloo, with an interest in the political situation in Tibet, and North America. Recently, I have published a companion or white paper to an earlier work. If you have an interest in the situation on the Ttibetan Plateau, please have a look.
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