Tiananmen Anniversary: Redux


Reuters correspondent, Sui-Lee Wee reports on the stringent control of the media during the 25th anniversary of the debacle in China. Mothers who lost a child formed a support group: “Tiananmen Mothers,” are under constant surveillance by Chinese authorities during this delicate period. Beijing’s response in the aftermath of 1989 was to offer brighter financial prospects to those who preferred that, rather than oppose the state and it’s attachment to socialist values, despite the confinement of social and political freedoms. Many chose financial wealth which is helping to drive China’s economy, though not without FDI (Foreign Direct Investment,) a booming export business, and a move towards privatisation that has seen a reduction in SOE’s (State Owned Enterprises.)

China has learned from the mistakes of it’s cousin in the region-Russia, and possibly with some influence from Thatcherism and Reaganomics. However, will China continue to constrain Tibetans who seek fairness in economic, spiritual, and familial matters? Democratisation offers hope, though, is fraught with many perils for Tibetans and native Chinese. Your thoughts?






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Hello, I have continued studying part-time at the University of Waterloo, with an interest in the political situation in Tibet, and North America. Recently, I have published a companion or white paper to an earlier work. If you have an interest in the situation on the Ttibetan Plateau, please have a look.
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